Az üzleti viták többnyire azok, ahol pénzről, tulajdonról, termékekről, szolgáltatásokról van szó: általában olyan pénzügyi és szerződéses kérdésekről, amelyek egyébként a bíróság elé kerülhetnének.

Did you deliver a service that has not been paid for properly? Or have you bought a product that did not turn out to be as you had expected? Do you have conflicts with your business partner in relation to running your joint company? Commercial disputes are mostly about money, property, goods, services: usually financial and contractual matters that could otherwise end up in court. Whatever the situation, commercial mediation is likely to be a better option than litigation.

Mediation is a quick, cost effective, and private method of resolving your dispute: saving you from the stresses and costs of court, focussing on what everyone actually wants, and resolving your dispute amicably and consensually.

Mediation is a quick and straightforward process, where you and the other side are brought together with a commitment to try and work out a solution. In this case I organize and lead a negotiation session, in which with my objective and impartial help, the two of you discuss and agree how to bring your dispute to an end. Mediation concludes with a written agreement, which can if you wish be made binding.




Are there recurring conflicts between your colleagues? Is the cooperation becoming less efficient? By applying mediation, coaching and organistaion development techniques, the conflicts that arise at the workplace between the colleagues can be handled in the framework of workplace mediation. Here the aim of the process is to restore or establish an effective and harmonical cooperation. The other type of workplace mediation is, when it is about the peaceful settlement of a labour dispute between the employer and the employee. In this case it is possible to avoid the time consumption and costs of a court procedure, and its eventual harm on the reputation of the parties.


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