• Do you have conflicts with your business partner?

  • Would you like to improve the co-operation between your colleagues?

  • Have you decided the divorce but cannot agree on the conditions?

    Accompanied by legal knowledge and experience, the tools of mediation and business coaching offer effective help with the settlement of disputes either in business or workplace life, or in case of a divorce, because you receive support in developing your skills in negotiation and problem solving in order to find the most possible advantageous alternatives and solutions to any sort of problems.. Thus it becomes possible to make decisions and take the necessary steps that the you haven't managed to take without assistance so far.


Mediation is a fast, economical and private procedure to settle either business or workplace disputes or a divorce, where you can reestablish the cooperation, or in case of a legal dispute,you can keep safe your reputation and spare the stress and costs of unresolved problems.

We are seeking win-win solutions

The aim of the mediator is to reach such a solution that reflects the interests of all parties, which is acceptable and adherable to all of them.


The parties receive help to restore communication and cooperation between themselves

The mediator is an impartial helper whom represents the case. Her aim is to facilitate the realisation of the common goal of the parites, the peacful settlement of their dispute. .



The resolution of your conflicts takes place
with professional help in a safe and supporting environment, based on significant legal, negotiation and counseling experience.
  • Counseling and negotiation experience in business

    More than thirty years experience of our law firm and my fourteen year - counseling and negotiation experience in business life are a strong basis for my clients not only in case of legal disputes and negotiation difficulties, but they also provides a solid rational basis for the resolution of any sort of problems.
  • Coaching and psychology background

    My knowledge in psychology as well as my counselling and business coaching experience is the foundation for finding the causes of the communication problems and moving towards a change, thus, reaching the solution to the problems of parties step - by - step amicably, that reflects the parties’ interests the most.
  • Win - Win solution

    If we manage to discover and understand the point of view of all the parties, then the resolution of the conflict may happen according to the best conditions. This way you can settle your disputes with a win-win solution.
  • Relationship improving attitude

    During the mediation procedure we get to the point where both the situation and the role of the parties in it become clear, the parties understand each other’s point of view, and taken into consideration all of this, we find together the solution to the problematic issues.

About me


Dr. Erna Adamkó

Lawyer – Mediator Budapest

attorney at law
business and leadership coach

Law and Psychology

I am Erna Adamkó JD, lawyer, mediator and business and leadership coach.

I graduated in law in 2005 at ELTE Faculty of Law in Budapest, and as a lawyer and subsequently an atttorney at law and mediator, I have been dealing with the commercial, business and other civil law related representation of businesses and individuals, court and out of court settlement of disputes, and negotiation of various types of contracts for 14 years both in Hungarian and in English languages.

During my career I recognized that human relations, communication between the parties and the applied conflict handling strategies profoundly determine both coming into existence and capability of operation of agreements as well as the possibility of settlement of conflicts. For this reason I completed my legal knowledge and experience with mental health and organization development studies in a postgraduate course of Semmelweis University in Budapest between 2008-2010, and studied business and leadership coaching at the Hungarian Coaching Psychology Association in 2018-2019. I obtained my Psychology BA degree at Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in 2021.

As an accredited mediator of the Hungarian Ministry of Justice, I help my clients to find a mutual base and voice, to solve their conflicts and to make decisions on important issues.

Dr. Erna Adamkó
+36 30 624 3945


How can I help you?



I support my clients also in the form of individual counseling with the help of my legal knowledge and experience as well as with my business and leadership coaching skills in relation to the below issues

Assistance in the better understanding of, and finding solutions to problems of stuck communication and broken negotiations

  • provision of new approach to conflicts e.g. business disputes, cooperation problems
  • elaboration of decision alternatives and facilitation of founded decision making
  • elaboration of negotiation strategies


Did you deliver a service that has not been paid for properly? Or have you bought a product that did not turn out to be as you had expected?
Do you have conflicts with your business partner in relation to running your joint company?

Business mediation facilitates the constructive solution of such disputes that are related commercial issues, property, products and services, which may otherwise be decided about by the court. Tipical situations are contractual disputes between business associations and cooperation problems between business partners.

Whatvere the exact situation is, business mediation is always a more advantageous solution than litigation.

Mediation is a fast, economical and private solution to settle a dispute, where you can reach an acceptable agreement to everyone even after a few sessions. In opposition to the long and expensive court procedure where it is likely to reach a court decision in the end that is not the best to any of the parties.



Are there recurring conflicts between your colleagues?
Is the cooperation becoming less efficient?

By applying mediation, coaching and organistaion development techniques the conflicts that arise at the workplace between the colleagues can be handled in the framework of workplace mediation. Here the aim of the process is to restore or establish an effective and harmonical cooperation.

The other type of workplace mediation is, when it is about the peaceful settlement of a labour dispute between the employer and the employee. In this case it is possible to avoid the time consumption and costs of a court procedure, and its eventual harm on the reputation of the parties.


Would you like to avoid litigation?

Yes, I want mediation!



Is co-operation between your colleagues not effective enough? Are information getting lost within the organization? Is communication not working fluently? Or has your business just grown recently and you had to realize that the previous system does not work anymore?

It happens often that the main obstacle that hinders effective and fluent operation at a workplace doesn’t derive from the unpreparedness or unwillingness of the team. Such outcomes may be caused by the organizational conditions and internal processes that are not suitable under the specific circumstances. Good news is, that such conditions and processes can be changed, if we identify the problematic areas and organize the work in such a way that meets both the expectations of the management, the characteristics and skills of the workforce, as well as the specifities of thecompany. .


Review of the tasks that the specific roles contain, assessment and more suitable use of the characteristics, skills and knowledge of the team members, together with the discovery and support of their personal motivations even with smaller changes may lead to the end of several workplace problems, whilst strengthening the loyalty to and rising of the satisfaction of the team with the job and the workplace.

Review of the old processes and elaboration of clear and rational new paths to follow, beyond ensuring effective and economical operation reduce the probability of the arisal of internal conflicts and lessen workplace stress.

Thus, review and optimalization of the organizational structure does not result only in the solution of acute problems, but it can have such longlasting efffects like higher work performance and rising of the colleagues’ satisfaction with the workplace thatconstitutetheguarenteesforthelong-termsuccessfuloperation of thecompany.


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